Staying True to Craft

Inspired by the timeless elegance of old Hollywood and contemporary style, Alisya established her Somerset studio in 2004. In an age of fast fashion and boilerplate body standards, Alisya takes the slow approach, focusing on quality and style that will last a lifetime. Her pieces evolve with their wearer, fitted to the client’s measurements and able to be altered when needed, making them truly unique.

“I couldn’t afford the things I saw in Vogue, so I learned how to make them.”

Alisya’s wisdom and dedication to craftsmanship come from decades of dressmaking and designing experience that she brings to every piece, often working by hand across many stages of the construction process from pattern to finish.

The Process

Creating a bespoke piece is a highly collaborative process between you and your dressmaker, whose experience and technical knowledge bring your ideas to life. Together you’ll discuss inspirations, materials, and detailing, refining the design until it’s perfect for you.

A bespoke dress can take months to complete, involving numerous fittings and adjustments that ensure the end result fits flawlessly. Attention to detail is the essence of Alisya’s work; each design is made from scratch – from the pattern to the embroidery, which is done by hand.

During your initial consultation, you’ll discuss your ideas, explore inspirations and materials, and have your measurements taken.

If you’re making an order remotely, your consultation will take place over a series of emails during which you’ll get to discuss the above before sending your measurements via email. You’ll receive a measurement taking guide to do this. Samples of fabrics and trimmings will be posted to you as well.

After the design is decided, Alisya constructs a mock-up of your design. During your first fitting, you’ll try on this initial version so that any adjustments in the fit and design can be made. This process requires anywhere between 3 and 6 fittings, depending on the complexity of your garment.

If you’re unable to make the fittings, the mock-up will be sent by post so you can try it on, note down any changes and adjustments you’d like to be made, and post the mock-up back with your notes.

Once you’re happy with the mock-up, it begins the slow and careful transformation into the final piece. From this version, Alisya constructs the final pattern, which is then used to create the finished garment. This stage also requires fittings throughout to ensure the final result is perfect to the last stitch.

In the case of a mail order,photographs of the finished garment will be emailed to you, or the unfinished garment can be posted for the final fitting and then finished by Alisya, following your notes.

Designed For Life

Alisya uses the same techniques as those used in haute couture, which means a lot of the work, from embroidery to finishing, is done by hand. Your garment is made to last and evolve with you, unlike high street clothes, which aren’t made with future alterations in mind.